Add or Edit an Event: Settings

In the main CMS side navigation, find and click on Events

Click on the blue "New" to create a new event, or click on an existing event to edit. 

Creating or editing an event will present you with two panels to add or modify event information – Settings and Editor

Settings panel:

Event Image and Title

  • Upload Image - Click the "Upload Image" button to set a featured image. Image should be at least 1,200 pixels in width.
  • Add Title - Click your mouse on the "Event Title" placeholder text and type the name of the event.  

Assign to Ministry

Assign to a Ministry or select none.

Event Dates

  • Choose your event's Start date and time, and its End date and time
  • Checking "All day event" only allow you to set the Starts date. It will also remove the End date picker and time options
  • Check "Recurring event" will enable options for making your events repeat at intervals such as Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly.  (Read more about managing Recurring Events here) 

Ticket Price & Event Status

Set the Ticket Price (if applicable), and the Event Status.
Events will set by default as "Active." Events set to "Canceled" or "At Capacity" will still display in events listings on the parish site, but will display the status set.

Feature Event & Sharing to other Parishes and Diocese

Feature this event

When this box is checked, the event will show up at the top of your events page in a special featured area, regardless of date. 

Show on Neighbouring Parish Sites

When checked, your parish is making this event available to other parishes in your diocese that have chosen your parish as a Neighbouring Parish in their Site Settings. (Read more about Neighbouring Parish settings here)

Diocesan Wide Event

Checking this box makes your event available to your diocese (upon review and approval by the diocese) to potentially be added to the "Events around the Diocese" feed on all other parish sites within your diocese. 

Intended Demographic

You can type in what the intended demographic for your event is, such as "All are welcome", "Youth 13-18", etc.

Set Location

  • If your event is taking place at your Parish, then checking the "Use the Parish as your Location" box will automatically set the address for your event with the parish info. 
  • If your event takes place elsewhere, you can "Assign a Location" either using one of the other locations already existing in the "Locations" tool (see Intro to Locations for more info), or click "Create New Location" to add a new location to your event if the address you need isn't already available to be chosen.

Editor panel:

Go to Add or Edit an Event: Editor for step-by-step instructions for adding content to your event page. 

Add or Edit and Event: Editor  

Publish or Update

Click the "Publish" or "Update" button in the upper right corner to make your new event or edited details live to the public. 

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