Parent-Child Events

The Tilma Events extension allows you to create events that are linked through a hierarchical relationship. This could be helpful where you have multiple offerings of the same event, or have a regular event where users need to register for each offering.

Parent-child events are not ideal for a series such as a weekly Bible Study or Alpha. For this purpose you will want to create a Recurring Event. Parent-child events are also not ideal for multiple day events. For this purpose you will want to choose the correct start and end date of the event in the Event Settings.

Creating a Parent Event

In the main CMS side navigation, find the Events group, and then click on the Events subnav item.

Click on the blue "New" button to create a new event, or click on an existing event to edit. 

Under "Event Hierarchy" select Parent".

See Add or Edit an Event for more information.

Adding Child Events

You will need to create a parent event before creating a child event. After you have created your parent event, hover your cursor over the three dots beside it. Click "Add Child".

Parent events automatically inherit the start and end date based on their child events.

Parent-Child Registration

You can choose the registration method of your child events by editing the parent event. This will set the registration method for all linked Child Events.

No Registration

By default, all child events will not have registration.

Tilma Registration

Choose this option in the parent event, which connects to forms created in the Forms Tool (see Editing or Adding a Form for more). This will automatically use the same form for each child event.

When viewing form submissions, you will see which child event was chosen by the registrant.

You can also choose to override a specific child event registration method by using a third-party registration link in the child event settings. You cannot add unique Tilma registration forms for each child event.

Third Party Registration

Choose this option in the parent event to connect the register button for all linked child events to a third-party registration tool. You can also choose to override specific child-events using a third-party registration link. You can also customize the text for the register button.

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