Quick Insert Tool

The Quick Insert Tool allows you to insert various content types in just about any place you are able to add or edit text, such as Pages, Emails, Ministries, Announcements, Events, Schools, or Resources.

When you place your cursor on a new paragraph line, you will see a "+" icon appear. By clicking on the "+" icon, you have the choice to insert these items where your cursor is:

  • Photos – Place images on page, including adding captions and alt text 
  • Videos – Insert YouTube or Vimeo videos right into the body of the post, and they're fully responsive on mobile 
  • Bullet points – create new sets of bullets, both Unordered and Ordered (numbered)
  • Horizontal lines – separate sections on a page with a full-width line
  • Forms – insert any forms created in the Forms tool
  • Insert Content Block – insert links to other content in your site in attractive cards
  • Insert HTML Block – embed raw HTML code from 3rd party apps and tools
  • Button insert – add "Call to Action" buttons in the body and customize the link
  • Insert Accordion – Insert collapsable "accordion" sections, which allow you to condense large amounts of content into a small space
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