Editing the Homepage

In the main CMS side navigation, find and click on Pages.

In Pages, click on “Home” to open up and edit the layout of the homepage.

Once open, you will see the Editor tab, which is for editing the actual content on the homepage. There is also a Settings tab, which has sections for modifying all the settings related to how a page is set up.

Hidden Sections is shortcut link that will take you to the bottom of the Editor tab to see all of the page Sections that have been “deleted” from the homepage. Deleted sections are not actually deleted but just hidden, and can be added back to the homepage.


The homepage and the welcome pages are unique among the rest of pages in Tilma in that they have Sections – such as the Featured Image, Feature Resources/Announcements, Get Started, Events, and more – that can be repositioned into different orders from what is provided in a default configuration, as well as hidden.


Featured Image Section

This is traditionally the first Section on the homepage. Here you have five options for layout.

Option 1 – Collage 

Selecting Collage allows you to: 

  • Display a group of images – You can upload other photos to replace the default images.
  • Choose from a list of background colors.
  • Customize the overlay text.

Option 2 – Wide Image

Selecting Wide Image allows you to:

  • Display a large still image or looping video. To change your cover photo or looping video please contact our support team.
  • Customize the overlay text.

Option 3 – Large Title

Selecting Large Title allows you to:

  • Set custom text.
  • Choose the background color.
  • No images are displayed -- your text is the star.

Option 4 – Overlay Center

Selecting Overlay Center allows you to: 

  • Customize the overlay text.
  • Display a large still image or looping video. To change your cover photo or looping video please contact our support team.

Option 5 – Overlay Left

Selecting Overlay Left allows you to: 

  • Customize the overlay text
  • Display a large still image or looping video. To change your cover photo or looping video please contact our support team.

Featured Article / Announcements 

This section holds the Featured Article and the top three Announcements.

Featured Article

By hovering your cursor over the article, you will see the state change to see a blue “Edit” box appear. Clicking on that will activate the search field to find and choose which article or page in Tilma that you would like to feature in that spot.

Once selected, click the “Save” button and the new article will appear in the Featured Article area.


You can find out more about Announcements, and how to create and edit them, by going to Creating Announcements. The Announcements area on the homepage will display the three most recent announcements, or be in the manually sorted order in the Announcements tool.

This section also displays a link to the latest uploaded Bulletin, if there are any bulletins uploaded. Go to Adding a Bulletin for more info about how to upload new PDF files.

Get Started 

The Get Started section has four spots to display quick links that you feel are the most important for users. These are links to pages within your site, such as Contact, Mass Times, Ministries, etc.

Upcoming Events, Get Involved, Resources and Content, Sacraments, and From the Pastor

Each of these sections displays something unique:

  • Upcoming Events – Display at least four or more display “cards” that are links to events listed in your organization.
  • Get Involved – Display at least four or more Ministries display “cards” that are links to ministry pages.
    • For non-parishes, you can put your volunteer pages here
  • Resources and Content – Display at least four or more articles from the feed of Resources.
  • Sacraments – Display links to each of the Sacraments articles.
  • From the Pastor – Displays Resources that have been added to the Pastor’s Feed in Resources. You can go to From the Pastor: Upload Articles for more about how to add articles to From the Pastor.

Hovering your cursor over each section will activate the blue “Edit” box. Clicking on this will direct you to each of these tools.  For example, clicking on the blue Sacraments “Edit” box will direct you to the Sacraments tool so you can choose and edit any of the Sacraments pages.

Pastor Welcome

The Pastor's photo and name are automatically taken from his account in the People tool once his role has been set to "Pastor". You can click onto the text area to edit the welcome message, and select existing text to apply formatting.


This section is a call to action to direct visitor to the Giving page. You can edit the text and image directly on the homepage.


The streams section will display the current video that’s active in the Streams tool (see Add Live Streams for more information). This section will be hidden on the live site until content becomes available.

Hiding & Reordering Sections

To personalize your homepage to better reflect the personality of your parish, you can decide both the order of page Sections, as well as which sections are visible to the public. When you hover your cursor over each section, three control icons will become visible:

  • Up Arrow - Move this section up once.
  • Down Arrow - Move this section down once.
  • Trash Can - Hide this section.

Section Visibility

By default, most sections are not hidden. But if you want to stop a certain section from being on your homepage, you click on the Trash Can icon. That section is then removed and sent down to the “Hidden Sections” area at the very bottom of the Editor panel. 

Clicking the Trash Can does NOT permanently delete that section. Instead it’s just hidden, and can be made visible again.

When you scroll to the bottom of the Editor panel, you will see a large horizontal grey bar that says “Element past here are hidden on live site.” Under this bar is where any hidden Sections are placed. You can make them visible again by clicking the Up Arrow, which puts them at the bottom of the live page. You then use the Reordering arrows to set the desired position.


Each section can reordered just by triggering the up and down arrows. This changes the order in which each section appears as a site visitor scrolls down the homepage. 

Publish or Update

Click the "Publish" or "Update" button in the upper right corner to make your new or edited location details live to the public.


Page Settings

This is the section for modifying the basics of a homepage.


On all pages, this is where you edit the name of the page. For the Homepage, just leave the title as “Home”.

Featured Image

On all pages, this is where a featured image can be set to display at the top of the page. On the homepage, however, adding a photo here will not work. The “Home” page template uses special tools found in the “Editor” tab to change what images or format are displayed.

Page Template

On all pages, this is where the page template is set. On the homepage, do NOT edit this. The “Home” template has features specially built into it that are required for the homepage to display properly. Changing the template will result in the page not displaying properly, or even show an error.

Custom Page URL

On all pages, this is where the page’s URL can be set. On the homepage, do NOT edit this otherwise it will prevent visitors from being able to access your site properly. 

SEO / Social Settings

This is where you can set or modify the page information that appears in browsers, search engine results and social media sites.

Browser Title

By default, the page title that appears in a browser tab will be the page title. You can modify that in this field. It will only change what appears the browser title -- it won’t affect the title for search engines or social media.

Canonical URL

This is usually not applicable for a homepage. This field is only used if a page is an exact copy of another page that is considered the “original source” of the page info, and that is found elsewhere on the internet. Adding the original URL here can contribute to better search health by not attempting to “take credit” for content that is found elsewhere.

Search Keywords

Write the key words someone would include in a search when looking for your page or content. Separate each one with a comma and space. (Eg. Homily, Easter, spring)

Meta Description

This is the text that is found under the page title in a search result. Clearly describe what your page is about and try to use key search words. The description found on the homepage will be the description for the entire site by default. 

You can modify the meta description for every other page.

Social Media Description

This copy shows up when someone shares a link to this page on social media. This should give context to this page and invite others to look at the content.

This is optional as, by default, social media will display the meta description. Use this field when you want a specialized description for social media that is different from the meta description.

Social Image

If you want a different picture than the main photo to show up on social media, you can upload that here.

Navigation Settings

Redirect URL

If you would like to redirect this page to an already existing page on your site, you can add in the URL path here (eg. /about-contact)

Options for Page as a Parent

A parent page creates its own folder in the CMS that helps you organize your sites pages and child pages within them. Parent page slugs also appear in the URLs of its children. The dropdown menu has three options:

  • Standard page - A regular parent page that is included in its child page URLs. e.g "About"  "/about/contact"
  • Redirect to first child page - I want this page to be skipped and to go directly to its first child.
  • Set as a folder - Remove this page's slug from its child page URLs. e.g "About" points to "/contact"

Choose a Parent Page

Assign this page as a child to a parent page that already exists.

Menu Title

Editing this text will affect how this page is displayed in the menu navigation. However, it is better to manage navigation items using the Navs tool. Read more here: Add a Custom Page to the Site Navigation (https://docs.tilmaplatform.com/article/16-add-a-custom-page-to-the-site-navigation)

Display this page in site menu checkbox

Uncheck this box if you want to remove a page from your site menu. This can be handy if you have a page you want to link people to directly but don't want to show the page in the menu.

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