Add Live Streams

Putting live streams on your organization's site can be done very quickly.

If you are a regular Tilma organization (as opposed to Tilma Express Setup) and you find that the live stream is still not showing up on your home page after adding a stream, the reason it isn’t showing is that it is currently hidden from the home page. After adding a live stream (it needs to be current), you would have to unhide it next.

How to display the live stream on your home page

To unhide the live stream, go to Pages > Home > Editor. Then scroll all the way to the bottom and you’ll see a bar that says “Elements past here are hidden on live site” and you’ll see the video you embedded just below that bar. If you hover over that on the right side, you’ll see the up-facing arrow which you can keep clicking until the stream shows up where you want it.

You can also hide features you don’t need at the moment (for example ministries, events, or resources).

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