Create & Edit People Filters

In the main CMS side navigation, find the People tool and click on it.

See list of all Tilma accounts in your organization in alphabetical order by last name.

Searches and Creating Filters

You can do searches of people based on multiple criteria to generate groups or lists. This is useful if you want, for example, to create lists of people in your parish who:

  • Have children
  • Filled out a particular form on your parish website
  • Have a birthday in a particular month
  • Registered for a particular event
  • Expressed interest in a particular ministry

You can create filters based on any data point saved within a People account.

How to Create a New Filter

The default filters of "Staff" and "Admin" appears on the top of the People tool.

Click on “Filters” to open up the filter editor and begin to set the criteria for your search.


You can search using just one set of criteria, or you can have multiple criteria by clicking the “Add rule” button.

  • AND – Whether results must match all criteria. This is the default if only one search criteria is used.
  • OR – Whether results can match any of the criteria individually 

When you click “Add group” you are able to set a child criteria that only applies to the parent criteria above.

Create or Save Filter

When saving your query for the first time, set your filter title and click the "+ Save as New" button. Click the "Favourite" box if you'd like to pin this filter to the top for frequent use.

If you re-open the filter to edit the criteria, you can click:

  • The “+ Save New” button to create a new version of the edited filter
  • The “Update” button to save your changes to the existing filter
  • The “Delete” button will remove this filter from the saved list.

How to Activate Your Favorite Filters

Back in the People index, click the "Filter" button. Your saved filters will be listed there and Favourite filters will have a yellow star next to them.

Filters in Emails Tool

Your saved favourites will also be available in the Email tool so you can send targeted emails only to the accounts that fall within the criteria set for that filter. See more in Create & Send Emails.

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