Browsers supported by Tilma

Public Access

Accessing the public side of your Tilma Parish site, Tilma News site, or any other Tilma site (e.g. any public-facing content) by your parishioner is fully supported on all modern browsers. Using a browser on a Windows-based PC, a Mac, a tablet (iOS or Android) or a mobile phone (iOS or Android) will allow your parishioners to fully experience all of Tilma. 

Admin Access

For back-end users of Tilma, only certain supported web browsers will work. 

Supported browsers for Admins

Non-supported browsers for Admins

  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer

If you login using a non-supported browser, you will receive a warning message prompting you to use a supported browser.

Update your web browsers

It is best practice to keep your web browsers updated to the latest version to ensure that websites render properly. To update a supported browser, refer to their documentation:

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