Insert a Form on a Page

To make a Form visible for the public to fill out and submit, you must first create the form. Then, once the form is ready to be published, you need to place it on a Page. 

You can also place forms on:

  • Ministry pages
  • Sacrament pages
  • Announcements

On a page, click at the end of a line and hit return/enter to create a new paragraph line. You will see a + sign, called the Quick Insert Tool, and a flashing cursor.

Click on the + sign, and choose "Insert Form"

That will open up a list of all the available Forms to choose from. Select the Form you want to show on the page, and that will insert your form.

Click on the "Update" button in the top-right corner of your page, and that will publish your Form on that page so the public can fill it out.

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