Add Google Analytics to Your Parish Site

(If your parish already has a Google Analytics account, you can skip to Step 3)

1. Connect or Setup a Google Account

  • Go to and create an account for your parish. If your parish has a Google account already (i.e. a Gmail account), then just sign in with that account's login details.
  • Or if you need to create a new account, click the "Create Account" link and choose "To manage my business" to create a Google account for your parish.

2. Set up your Analytics Account 

Choose to track a "Website" and then fill in each field below:
  1. Account Name: This can be your parish/ organization name
  2. Website Name: Specify which site this is (ie. Parish site), as your Google Analytics account can track the stats for more than one site.
  3. Website URL: Enter your organization site's URL. Be sure to change the dropdown to "https://"
  4. Choose an Industry Category: Choose whichever one you believe is best for your organization.
  5. Choose your time zone: Select your organization's time zone.

3. Find your Tracking Code 

Once the initial setup above is completed, you will be redirected to the Tracking Code page inside the Property Settings section of your account's Admin area. 
You will see your Tracking ID which will begin with "UA-", is typically followed by seven to nine numbers, a dash, and another one or two numbers (e.g. UA-XXXXXXXXX-X). Copy that entire code to your clipboard.

4. Add Tracking ID to Tilma

  • Go back to your Tilma site, and go into the Site Settings. Then select "Org Details" and scroll down to the bottom of that page.
  • In the "Analytics" section, paste in your Tracking ID to the "Google Analytics Tracking ID field. 
  • Scroll down and click the "Save" button.

5. Check Google Analytics 

  • To check if your analytics connection is working, let's test to see if your organization's site has any visitors.
  • In a new browser tab, open your organization's homepage. 
  • Return to the browser tab with your Google Analytics account and find the "Realtime" reports section. If there are any live visitors (i.e. your other browser tab), then that will be displayed.
  • It may take up to 24 hours for historical visitor information to appear in the "Behavior > Site Content > All Pages" page.

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