Create a Custom Page Under "Mass Times"

How to create a custom page under "Mass Times"

  1. Go to "Pages" on your admin side menu
  2. Click on the folder on the left of "About" to expand the subpages
  3. Hover over the right-hand side of "Mass Times" and click "Add a new child page". This will direct you to a new empty page.
  4. Add a page title and content.
  5. Click "Publish Settings". Add a Featured Image and enter a custom URL right below that, if desired.
  6. Important: Under "Page Template", select "Basic Page".
  7. Publish!

Note: Unlike "About", creating a custom page under "Mass Times" will not have the page show up in the menu as a sub-menu item. You will find the link to your custom page on the Mass Times page when you scroll down. The link will be in on the left side of "Mass: What to Expect" in between the "Mass Times" and "Contact" links.

How to make your custom page the Featured Article

  • Go to "Edit Homepage" on your admin side menu, click "Edit" on the featured article section, add your custom page URL to the Inline Feed, and finish by clicking "Insert Block". You could also enter another page or article URL.
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