Add Your Parish's School

Why add a school to your parish website? 

1. Your school may reside on the same property as the parish. Parishioners may want more information on the happenings of the school, 

2. Your parish may be affiliated with or be in the same neighbourhood as the school. New parishioners may be wondering what Christian schools are in the area, so that they can send their children there. 

Adding a School

First, head over to your parish website's admin menu. 

You will be redirected to this page. Click New to add a school to your website. 

Add your school's name, a photo, and their address. 

Next, fill in the fields under Settings. Add the school type, original website link, school phone number and email, and the principal's name. 

Next, fill in the Description under Settings. I took the mission statement from the original website, but you can add your own unique description of the school. 

Lastly, hit Update in the top right corner of the page. 

Your school should now show up under Schools. 

View Your School

Go to the user-view of your parish website. 

Once you create a School, the page will appear under About on your website, and the Schools link on the header menu will automatically lead to your new school page instead of the original school's website.

Click on Schools. 

Your school's page should look something like this! The information that we added in the Settings should be displayed on this page. 

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