Email Template: Giving Campaign (2/5)

Dear friends, 

Over the last year, our parish community has embraced every opportunity to live out our faith. 

(We’ve embraced drive-in Masses and drive-through Communion services in order to bring the Eucharist to all, and we’ve jumped right into the world of video streaming so that the faithful can continue to join us for Mass. We’ve also had volunteers connect with us online to come to the aid of other parishioners who may otherwise have been unable to accomplish a few tasks such as groceries or errands. More than ever before, we have relied on technology to continue our ministry.)

We undoubtedly have an amazing opportunity to leverage our online presence and bring the hope of Jesus to those who need it. 

We are launching... an online ministry that allows our parish community to continue to better serve the needs of our parish family. In order to do this, we need your help. 

Our hope is to raise an additional ($75,000) by the end of the year to launch our (“Virtual Front Pew”). 

We have so many plans to make this dream a reality, and we can’t wait to tell you more about it in the coming weeks. We invite you to spend time in prayer asking God how He would like to use you and your gifts to bless the lives of others. Often, many of us hesitate in asking God to teach us how to give, perhaps scared that He may ask us to give more than we are comfortable with. 

Our challenge to you is to boldly approach the throne of grace and ask the Holy Spirit to give you courage and peace as He shows you the way to cheerful giving.

You may be surprised to learn that giving is the easy—even fun—part; it’s trusting in God’s Providence that sometimes requires a little more practice. That’s why we’re asking you to spend time prayerfully considering how God may be asking you to act.

If you’re ready to give and feel called to support this mission, you may give a one-time donation or give ongoing automatic gifts—you can easily set this up on your parish profile at {site_link}

Insert a link or button here where people can click to give online.

God bless,

Your parish team

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