Add a Custom Page to the Site Navigation

How to add a custom page to your site navigation through Navs

Many of you have existing custom pages which you should see under Navs > About. Previously, custom pages created under "About" were displayed as sub menu items on the home page (unless you chose to hide them) while custom pages not created under "About" were not displayed on the menu at all.
The new update now allows you to display custom pages on the site navigation regardless of where they are created under "Pages". If you create a new custom page under "About", it will automatically be displayed in the site menu. Otherwise, you will need to manually add the page to Navs for it to appear on your site menu.

Quick Recap: How to create a custom page

  1. Click on "Pages" on the admin side menu
  2. Click the blue "New page" button at the top
  3. Add a page title and content
  4. Click "Publish Settings". Add a Featured Image and enter a custom URL right below that, if desired.
  5. Important: Under "Page Template", select "Basic Page".
  6. Publish!

How to add a custom page to the menu through Navs

  1. Click on "Navs" on the admin side menu
  2. Click the white "New Menu Item" button on the top right
  3. Add a page title. Under "Assign to Nav", check the navigation menus under which you want your custom page to appear.
  4. Add the URL to your custom page and hit Save!

You should now see a link to your custom page under the specified navigation menu.

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