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Hi everyone,

We believe families have the power to change the world. As Catholics, we have a tremendous responsibility to help shape future generations, and we do this by cultivating what we have today, starting in our homes. 

Pope Paul VI said a family is a “domestic Church”, mirroring the “various aspects of the entire Church”. The mundanity of everyday life feels tiring and insignificant most days, and yet in the small daily acts of charity and mercy, we strengthen the fabric of society. 

So how can we grab hold of the gift of our family, and help each other grow in holiness and together bring glory to God? Perhaps some of us have gotten to know our spouses and children in a whole new way this past year. How has your view of family life changed since the pandemic began? If you feel as if hope is lost in your marriage and family life, there are Catholic counselors in our diocese that would be glad to journey with you.

We compiled a few of our favourite pieces that can hopefully encourage you in cultivating the peace of Christ in your homes.

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Don't Miss Out! What’s Coming Up at the Parish This Month. 

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