Email Template: Regular Sunday Giving

Dear friends,

Let’s start with a quick story:

The son of a missionary, during an outreach at a barrio in South America, received a very special gift from a local boy: a wooden ball-and-string toy. There was nothing special about it; except for the fact that it was the boy’s most precious belonging (most of his other toys were flattened pop bottles tied to string). He was so moved by the missionary activity in his town, that his heart’s only response was to give back and share what he treasured most. 

This story is just one of many different ways that prompt many of us to briefly pause and consider how God is asking each of us to respond. 

The Bible is full of these stories too: there’s one about a widow, one about rich fools, debtors, lost coins, sheep, there’s even one about treasure hunters… you get the gist. Jesus so often talked about stewardship, that there must be more to giving than a calculated percentage or a deciphered dollar amount. 

Given what we know about God’s character, His interest in our attitude towards giving tells us that God is more interested in what is inside our hearts than what’s inside our pockets. 

Each Sunday during Mass, gifts are collected from the congregation and brought up to the altar along with the bread and wine. Moments like these allow us the opportunity to pause and take stock of the blessings that we have been given, and to allow God to address our hearts about how to faithfully steward His gifts. In a society so driven by the idea of scarcity, just the idea of “tithing” and “giving our first fruits” makes many of us squirmy in our pews. We are called to be cheerful givers, but perhaps for some of us, we just don’t know how to do that—or where to even begin. 

Perhaps this week, you can take one small step by opening the conversation with Jesus: Lord, how are you calling me to serve? Holy Spirit, where are you calling me to give? 

Add a link or button for donors to give online.

Read on as Chris shares how he has made room for Jesus in his finances

We also want to remind everyone as they pray through this process, they can edit their giving information on their parishioner profiles at {site_link}.

In Christ,

Your parish team

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