Add a Ministry

1. To add a new ministry, click on "Content" in the admin menu. Then click "Ministries". 

2. Click "Add Ministries" button on the top-right. 

Tilma comes with templates for dozens of common ministries. If you see the ministry you are trying to add, click the checkbox next to that ministry, then click "Add selected ministries to this site".

If you do not see the ministry you are trying to add, click "create a unique ministry (not shown above)" at the bottom.

Settings Tab

Begin by typing the ministry Title and adding the Featured Image.

  • Main Category - Choose from the drop-down list. This will help us push your ministry to the people exploring these topics on your site.
  • Hidden ministry - Check this box if you would like to hide this ministry from the ministries index, but still have it accessible by the link.
  • Demographics - Select the demographics this ministry is for.
  • Other Categories - Choose additional categories that are not 
  • Search Keywords - Write the key words someone would include in a search when looking for your page or content. Separate each one with a comma and space. (Eg. Homily, Easter, spring)

Editor Tab

Switch to the editor tab by clicking "Editor" at the top of the page.

Add a "Contact Name" and/or "Contact Phone" and "Contact Email" for this ministry.

Type or edit the ministry description using the content editing tools.

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