Modify the default Content Feeds settings

In the main CMS side navigation, go to Site Settings. (You may need additional administrative permissions if you do not have this tool available).

Site Settings

In Site Settings, choose the Org Details tab.

Scroll down the page until you come to Feed Settings.

Automatic Population

By default, your parish site will have three Feed Settings boxes checked. This enables all of the Tilma Content Library resources (relevant to your location) to populate on your homepage and Resources page.  It also enables events promoted by your diocese or from parishes you have selected as a neighboring parish to be automatically populated on your Events page. 


In your Resources tool, all available articles will be found in the “Live” tab automatically when the “Start with all resources on your site feed by default.” No more action is needed to make sure the articles are available for your parishioners to read and be inspired.


In your Events tool, all available events from your diocese will automatically be found in the “Diocesan Events” when the “Show all diocesan promoted events by default” box is checked. The same goes for events from your neighboring parishes when “Show all neighboring events by default” is checked. No more action is needed to make sure the diocesan and neighboring events are available on your site.

One-Off Selection

You can choose to disable the Automatic Population settings for both Resources and Events by unchecking the boxes in the Feed Settings. 

Doing this, Resources and Events will be removed from your site, and can then be added individually. 


Resources will found in the “Browse” tab, and can be added to your site by hovering your mouse over the ellipsis menu and then clicking on the “Add to site” link.


Events removed from your site will have an indicator that says “Auto-Excluded from Site.” To add an event, you hover your mouse over the ellipsis menu and then click “Add to site.”

For more about how add or remove Resources, go to Adding or Removing Resources from your Parish Site.

For more about how to add or remove diocesan and neighboring events from your site, go to “Adding or Removing External Events from your Parish Site.”

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